Welcome to Zhaga. We are a global lighting-industry organization that is standardizing components of LED luminaires, including LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, holders, and electronic control gear (LED drivers) and connectivity fit systems. This helps to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing, and to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting solutions. Follow us on Linked In, Twitter and YouTube.

Zhaga has approved Book 15, which defines a family of rectangular LED modules for use with lenses, typically in outdoor lighting.
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Book 16 describes circular, planar LED light engines with an integrated driver. The Book is approved for use by Zhaga members.
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Book 18 marks Zhaga’s first contribution to the rapidly-emerging world of smart lighting. Zhaga will define a standardized interface between an outdoor LED luminaire and a sensing/communication module.
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LED Professional has published a series of articles written by Zhaga experts, covering subjects such as COB arrays, drivers and DMI, and thermal issues.
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Zhaga has approved Book 14, which describes a family of linear, flat LED light engines
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Zhaga has a new Secretary General! Dee Denteneer recently succeeded Musa Unmehopa as leader of the Consortium.
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New Books from Zhaga

The video below explains several of our new Books, including Book12 for COB arrays and holders; Book 14 for linear socketable light sources; Book 15 for rectangual modules with lenses; and Book 18 for our new connectivtiy fit system for outdoor luminaires.

Zhaga: A simple idea

Our video introduces the Zhaga Consortium and explains the concept of interchangeability with examples from different Zhaga Books.

Exciting opportunity for an experienced Marketing Professional


Zhaga is embarking on an exciting new track and is extending its mission to include interoperability, IoT, and serviceability. For this reason, we are seeking to strengthen our strategic marketing and marketing communication capabilities.

Zhaga is looking for a self-propelled marketing professional, experienced in the lighting industry, to support Zhaga in communicating its new mission. This is a part time function, (approx. 3 days a week), ideal for a freelancer. Location is not a factor, but there will be some travel involved.

Interested candidates are invited to contact Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium: secgen@zhagastandard.org , before September 1, with a short motivation and CV.

Detailed information about the position may be found here.

ZHAGA: A Hive of Activity

Zhaga is an active consortium and adding to our core strengths we are now incorporating concepts such as smart lighting and upgradeability. More